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“Your smile our goal”

With more than 18 years of experience in the oral health sector, we have a team of collegiate and highly qualified professionals with specialists in each field and all the necessary technology for diagnosis and a treatment plan adapted to the needs of each patient.


We are a multidisciplinary team constantly training in each field of dentistry so that we are always up to date with new advances.


Our vision

We approach each case individually and working as a team, you will get the best treatment, thus obtaining the best result.

Our values

We are bound by the Hippocratic Oath principles ensuring that we are responsible for your oral health.

Our team

We will always be as conservative with your oral health as we can, but where this is not possible, we will offer you the best treatment options.


1st visit

We always advise our patients of the importance of a good annual check up. We like to do a panoramic X-ray of your mouth to be able to give an imaging diagnosis and put together a personalised treatment plan.

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Multidisciplinary team
Integral service

Our servicesABClinic

Conservative or general dentistry

Our priority is to help our patients keep their own teeth for as long as possible. Your first appointment will be with our general practitioner, who will treat cavities, gums and any problems with your teeth and gums in order to achieve perfect general oral dental health.

Children's dentistry

Our team works so that even the little ones do not fear the visit to the dentist but understand it as something that must be done for their own health. We provide continual care with both  oral health and the development of their facial bone structure.

Dental Aesthetics

We know that aesthetics is one of the main reasons why a patient comes for a consultation. At the clinic we improve your smile with teeth whitening, aesthetic veneers and other treatments.


Oral hygiene

Professional cleaning is essential to keep your mouth, teeth and gums in condition. We send periodic reminders to ensure ongoing care.


Endodontics is what we call on a daily basis “killing the nerve”. It consists of the removal of the inner part of the tooth in poor condition (pulp or nerve) due to infection or decay. It is one of the most common treatments to save a tooth when a filling is not enough. This is the most conservative step prior to the loss of the piece.

Dental surgery

Sometimes, for many reasons, cases are complicated and we have to consider dental surgery. Wisdom teeth extraction and bone grafting are some of the examples that our Surgeon Victor can perform.


Orthodontics is  a branch of dentistry specialising in treating and correcting an imbalanced bite. Teeth in a bad position or causing an incorrect bite are not only related to aesthetics, but  make it difficult to thoroughly clean running the risk of early loss due to cavities and periodontal diseases. Orthodontic treatments offer the patient the advantage of providing a healthy mouth, pleasant smile and healthier teeth

Dental implant

Dental implantology is the most used and reliable alternative for the replacement of missing teeth. It consists of removing the tooth, replacing the tooth root with a titanium implant inside the maxillary or mandibular bone and then fitting a crown onto the implant resulting in beautiful looking teeth.


Care for our mouth and gums is just as important as the care of our teeth. Our fully qualified hygienist Aurora is here to help you maintain the best possible care for your mouth and will send a reminder when your next visit is due.

Our team

Dental hygienistAurora Balsera

Founder and director of ABClínic, Aurora studied for her degree in Dental Technology in 1996 and found her vocation to help patients and continued her training to become a dental hygienist. She specialises in surgery and implantation and has continued to expand her knowledge by attending further courses in orthodontics, periodontics and teeth whitening techniques. Born in France, Aurora also speaks perfect Spanish and English.

Endodontics, dental aesthetics and veneersDra. María José

With more than 12 years of experience, Maria studied at the University of Granada, where she specialised in endodontics, dental aesthetics and veneers. Later she gained a master’s degree in periodontics and is an expert in prostheses on implants. She lived and practiced for 5 years in France and is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Doctor of dentistryDr. Oscar Nieto

Dr Oscar Nieto is a general dentist, orthodontist and implantologist. He completed part of his studies in Germany, where he finished his specialty and later his doctorate.
This highly professional gentle dentist has been part of our team since 2008 and speaks English, German and Italian perfectly, and also communicates quite well in French

Surgery and implantologyDr.Víctor Romero

Dr Victor Romero has also been with the team since 2008. A highly qualified surgeon, he obtained his degree in Dentistry from the University of Granada and is a University Specialist in Implantology and Oral Surgery, to which he is currently dedicated exclusively. He also has a Diploma in Advanced and Regenerative Periodontics from the UCM and a Postgraduate Degree in Prosthesis from the SCOE. He speaks perfect English and Swedish and also has knowledge of French and Danish.

Orthodontics, orthopedics and Invisalign ®Dra.Eloísa Pérez

Dr Eloísa Pérez has been on our team since 2017. She studied at the University of Granada and has been dedicated exclusively to orthodontics for more than 15 years. She performs orthodontic treatments on both children and adults, although she cannot deny that she feels like a fish out of water in children’s orthodontic treatments AND ORTHOPEDICS. She works with all types of orthodontics and is a certified Doctor in invisible orthodontics, Invisalign®.

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We have a well equipped practice with everything needed for health professionals who want to be part of our clinic to develop their medical specialty.

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